Auto Body Dents and Scratches

The first step in removing a dent from an automotive part is to develop a repair plan. If the panel is mild steel, it would be a better option to repair the damage than to replace the panel. Now you need to formulate a repair plan and decide on which repair method to use on the damage.

The first thing you need to find out is the direction of damage. This is important to help you reverse the damage while doing repairs. There is a general rule in collision repair which is “the first in last out rule.” This means that the point of impact or direct damage is the area first hit in an accident; this makes it the first in. Hence, this should be the last area to be repaired. The most obvious damage is the direct damage as it is easy to see it. If you try to first of all pull the direct damage, you will pull highs in the metal, stretch the metal, and still have lows. Basically, while work hardening the metal you are going to chase the damage around until the metal become too work hardened, become brittle, and then cracks.

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Direct and Indirect Damage

Indirect damage is actually a damage that happens as a result of a direct damage. For instance, as the point of impact pushes in, it causes the metals around it to move slightly also. If the point of impact is pushed far enough, indirect damage could lead to a cracked seam sealer, popped spot welds, and misaligned body gaps. Without close observation, the indirect damage is not that noticeable as it may not be seen with the naked eyes. The indirect damage usually happens last during an accident; hence, this damage should be the first to be repaired. When developing a repair plan, always remember the “first in last out “rule. It will save you hours of frustration and time when it is all done.

Selecting a Repair Method

After analyzing the damage and you have determined the direct and indirect damage, and the direction of this damage, you need to decide which repair method will be the best choice for a repair. A hammer and dolly method might be the easiest method if you can get to both sides of the panel. A stud-nail gun might be a better choice if you cannot have easy access to both sides of the panel. Some other factors such as noise preventions and corrosion protection should be put into consideration as well.

The same principle applies regardless of the repair method used. Begin with the indirect damage; rather than try to force the metal back into shape, roll the metal back into shape.

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This kind of repair must be done only by technicians at LP AutoBody with the right certification. Our technicians follow standards which are very rigorous because they are aware that a body frame that is free from dent and scratch is important for the aesthetics of the vehicle and the pride of the car owner.