PRofessional auto body repair

Causes of auto body damage

These include the following:
Major Collisions – This causes severe damage. These accidents can cause the engine to fail, the windshield to shatter, entire panels to be destroyed, and leave the steering in a bad shape.

Weather Damage — During hot and sunny days, the paint can become worn and faded, and the tires could become cracked and dried out. During winter, road salt can cause the vehicle’s exterior to corrode.

Professional auto body damage repair services will always give you results that will satisfy you and give your vehicle a whole new appearance that will improve the look of your vehicle for the long term.

What can LP Auto Body do for you

We at LP AutoBody are an experienced auto body repair shop in Charlotte, NC. Our expert technicians can handle all forms of popular auto body damage and provide estimates and guarantee on all repairs. We will be glad to work with your insurance company to do the negotiations on your behalf. Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever your car needs a repair.

auto body repair

auto body repair in charlotte, nC

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced auto body shop in Charlotte, NC, you can trust in L&P Auto Body, Inc.  Our team with many years of experience will get things done right for you.  Your satisfaction is always our number 1 priority.

More about auto body damage

The internet is now agog with so much education! It is now possible to learn something as complex as auto body repair, painting, detailing, resetting safety devices, and thoroughly evaluating such a job before you even start. Sometime in its useful life, nearly everyone will experience body damage on their vehicle. That damage will reduce the resale value of your car and can be really irritating.

Most of such damage are usually not repaired because people usually do not report damages of a less severe nature to their insurance firm and they assume it would cost a lot to fix the damage. This creates an opportunity for those who offer painting or paint less dent repair services. This could also mean that there may be job openings in your place of residence, or it could also mean that there is a huge market for anyone to cash in.

So many times car owners think that if the auto body of their vehicle is damaged they will need to get a replacement for the affected part. This is however not the case. There are so many auto body repairs that can be done such as paint touch up, windshield repair, bumper repair, headlight restoration, wheel rim repair, paint-less dent removal etc.

Auto body repairs usually cost about a fraction of the cost of auto body replacement. In most cases, auto body repairs can be done in just a few hours; there is no need to wait for parts to come in or any such thing.

If not repaired as soon as possible, auto body damages can result in more damages. For instance, if your vehicle has chipped or cracked paint, since the paint serves as a sealant, it will expose the metal body of your vehicle to all the elements and water. If this cracked or chipped paint is not repaired, rust will eventually form in that area. Rusting is a defect that requires a much more extensive procedure to repair and will cost you more. So, you will keep more money in your pocket if you take care of the minor repairs.

Auto body repair
auto body repair