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Despite much fuss from automakers about future cars made from carbon fiber components and structures, aluminum has been a material that has been in use for many decades in car manufacturing. Like composite parts in use nowadays, aluminum was first used in bumper rebar, hoods, small engine components, and the intake manifolds. In time past fuel efficiency was not of key importance, the heat transfer properties of aluminum, the weight savings of close to 50 percent, plus its ease of access made it a suitable material for automakers.

A few decades later, the use of aluminum in automobiles became much more popular. Recycled aluminum is used for different components of automobiles and aluminum alloys are used in vehicle structures and sub frames.

Cars that are made from aluminum content are a concern to collision repair shops. The reason is because when welded, stretched, or heated, aluminum behaves in a different way. And since high strength and load-bearing aluminum parts are also treated with heat, collision repair shops have to ensure that they have the capability to repair such vehicles. Due to the special handling needed when repairing aluminum vehicles, certain manufacturers can become very proprietary, and sometimes protective of their customers and the manner in which their products are repaired. Certain manufacturers have a knack for selling structural parts to only those auto body shops which have been approved as repair shops for their vehicles. This has led to the closure of many auto body repair shops, while only a few auto body repair shops qualify.

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aluminum auto body

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aluminum auto body

How to repair aluminum parts

Aluminum collision repairs are different from steel repairs. Steel has an elastic property that allows it to easily return to its original structure. Special tools are required to repair the dents in Aluminum which is more pliable.

Aluminum also reacts to heat in a different manner. This means auto body shops that have always worked with steel will have to modify their methods to suit aluminum. Excessive heat can undermine the integrity of aluminum metal. As a result of this, many vehicles with a lot of aluminum components use other methods besides welding to connect parts together. For instance, some vehicles have many aluminum parts joined by special adhesives and rivets. This substitutes welding for repairs and in the initial construction.

Body shops need to know how to carry out these kinds of repairs. Individuals who have experience with welding steel vehicles cannot make use of the same tools and techniques on aluminum components. Poor welding of aluminum can also be a safety concern since the metal can begin to decay after undergoing welding at very high temperatures.

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At high temperatures, the panels can even reduce in size. While welding other parts of a car, our technicians at L&P Auto Body always makes sure that adhesive connections will not accidentally melt off.

Guaranteed facilities, skills, and technologies offered by L&P AutoBody will provide not only the very best care for your vehicle but also the confidence and peace of mind that your car will still provide the same performance all the time for many more trips you will make with it.

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