What involved to repaint a car

Painting your car is far much different from painting a wall in your house. While painting a wall requires a can of paint and a few paint rollers, the other involves sprayers, primers, clear coats, and a litany of products.

For this reason, professional auto paint jobs can be quite expensive. The process is quite complex and there is some level of skill involved, but that does not mean you cannot give your car a new appearance all by yourself.

Car paints are majorly used for auto body repairs. Most of the paints used are solvent-based paints. The fact that solvents can evaporate into the air also implies that they are a contributory factor to air pollution. In fact, most of such organic solvents pose a great harm to the environment.

For auto body repair nowadays, better air quality standard requires the use of water-based paint. This requirement will soon be standardized.

Auto body paint

Auto Body Paint Refinishing

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What L&P auto body can help

Auto body paint refinishing must be completed by technicians such as L&P Auto Body who have the certification for get repaint your cars to its original specifications. We will stick to the very rigorous standards as we understand that good body paint is very vital for the aesthetics of the vehicle. Our aim for each vehicle we paint is that it looks like a new vehicle when you get it back. Give us a call today and let us know how we can be of help to you.

Auto body paint